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Favors wood inlaid

  • Hand made in Sorrento
  • Customizable
  • Precious and impact
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Bomboniere In legno Gargiulo Inlaid
Bomboniere personalizzate

Personalized Favors classic wooden or modern

Music boxes are an appreciated and exclusive gift that will leave your guests speechless. To render them even more unique, you can customize the inlay with the initials or with a design you dear.

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How much are inlaid favors?

The price depends on the model chosen, the size, the design and the addition of a carillon. Normally in Sorrento shops the price of the single box starts at € 25. We propose the smallest casket from 16€

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Inlaid boxes and wedding favors for weddings from 1930

When in the 1930s, uncle Gaetano opened the workshop in Sorrento in Fuoro 33, Sorrento's inlay was an appreciated art so that the boys were trying to learn the craft with dedication and passion. Today, unfortunately, this work is disappearing, but we are so in love that we continue to produce boxes and crates for 3 generations to keep the Sorrentino inlay alive. We put love in every box and for this reason, each of the candies we produce is unique. Want to know more about Gargiulo Inlaid? Discover our story

Bomboniere matrimonio